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Our clients have been using Gcmixonline regular for productions, adverts and mixing, based on trust and hard work, at gcmix we have boosted our clients businesses on music productions and advert music, call us for a quote for adverts and music backrounds for your business and give it that music touch !!



A very emotional and hard working short award winning movie did at gc studio and he took on the work with ease and executed the shots with amazing music I was stunned of the outcome thanks Gc we have won numerous awards for our short movie internationall .”

Aneel Ahmad, Award winning Movie Director

I have worked closely with Gc in Manchester and the tasks are endless and he is passionate about his work and productions I can say proudly as a friend and colleague he is the best in north west at what he does.”

Chris lawson, Project Manager


Short Film 'Boy In The Tree' directed by award winning Aneel Ahmad music composed and produced by Gcmix (c)